AMERICAN Ductile Iron Pipe Connects Fort Benning with Columbus Waterworks


Columbus Water Works, Columbus, Ga.

Project Summary:

The Columbus Water Works (CWW) and Fort Benning signed an agreement in 2004 calling for CWW to provide the military base water and wastewater services for 50 years. Fort Benning’s water and wastewater systems were subsequently connected with CWW’s, and several large upgrades were begun.

“ Anytime we have an opportunity to use ductile iron pipe, we use AMERICAN.”
Mike Rast, Project Manager for Contractor W.L. Hailey

Key Players:

Established in 1918, Fort Benning employs roughly 35,000 military and civilian personnel, making it the largest employer in Columbus. The base contributes more than $750 million to the area’s economy each year, and that number will surpass $1 billion with the relocation of the Army’s Armor Training School from Fort Knox, Ky., to Fort Benning.


Founded in 1902, CWW serves more than 65,000 metered accounts within a population of 228,000. CWW’s water treatment capacity is 90 million gallons a day (MGD) with average daily usage at 32 MGD. The utility treats an average of 28 MGD of wastewater. Providing services to Fort Benning is expected to increase the peak wastewater discharge by 4.5 MGD and peak water demand by 6.8 MGD.

Engineers included Jordan, Jones and Goulding (Atlanta) and CH2MHill (Montgomery, Ala.). Contractors were Gordy Construction (Columbus, Ga.) and W.L. Hailey (Nashville, Tenn.).

What They Said:

“It’s a bulletproof pipe, and we think it’s the best product out there. The special lining they use for sewer pipe just adds to the longevity. Anytime we have an opportunity to use ductile iron pipe, we use AMERICAN.- Mike Rast, project manager for contractor W.L. Hailey, commenting on AMERICAN ductile iron pipe, which was installed via a bridge crossing Upatoi Creek

“AMERICAN’s Flex-Ring pipe provided strength and durability, and its generous joint deflection gave us restraint without having to use thrust blocks on the creek crossing. And Flex-Ring minimizes the risks of our having to go back to this crossing for repairs or maintenance in the future.- CWW Director of Engineering Steve Davis on an installation that crossed Upatoi Creek


“We’re really into life-cycle costs, and that’s one of the reasons we like AMERICAN. You put their pipe in the ground and forget about it.- CWW’s Steve Davis

What They Used:

AMERICAN supplied more than 25,000 feet of 30-inch ductile iron pipe – mostly Fastite – for work that connected Fort Benning’s water supply with the CWW system. Almost 25,000 feet of AMERICAN Fastite and Flex-Ring ductile iron pipe were installed to connect the base’s wastewater system with CWW. Almost 19,000 feet of that line was 30-inch Fastite, and 8,080 feet of that pipe is lined with Protecto 401 ceramic epoxy lining.