American-Darling Fire Hydrants and AMERICAN Series 2500 Valves Key Players in Baltimore’s Improved Fire Protection Network


City of Baltimore, Md.

Project Summary:

In 2008, the City of Baltimore implemented a contract to upgrade its water infrastructure by having new water appurtenances installed throughout the city. The goal was to replace antiquated fire hydrants and gate valves that were either beyond their service life or were at a point of disrepair with dependable, long-lasting products that could easily be maintained. The result of this two-year project is a fire protection network that can be relied upon for years to come.

Baltimore is the United States’ largest independent city. Its water infrastructure is operated by the Bureau of Water & Wastewater, which maintains fire hydrants throughout the city and Baltimore County. The governmental agency operates three reservoirs and three water filtration plants to provide drinking water and fire protection to 1.8 million people in the Baltimore region. 

“The long-term partnership of L/B Water Service and AMERICAN greatly contributed to the ease with which we were able to supply and service this contract.”
Dave Smith

Key Players:

The City of Baltimore awarded the contract to R.E. Harrington Plumbing & Heating, Inc. (Baltimore, Md.). Founder and President Robert Harrington sought a reliable and customer-service-oriented supplier. He partnered with a local distributor of AMERICAN products, L/B Water Service (Frederick, Md.), to service the contract and provide the vital support needed for such a substantial project.

R.E. Harrington Plumbing & Heating, Inc. is primarily an underground utilities contractor serving Baltimore city and surrounding counties. The company’s services include fire hydrant installation, repair and replacement; water and sewer main taps; new water and sewer lines; and many other specialized services.

Founded in 1970, L/B Water Service is a complete supplier for municipal water, sanitary and storm sewer products. The company has seven locations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland. It is experienced in every facet of the waterworks industry and takes pride in its long lasting relationships with manufacturers known for producing high-quality products.

What They Said:

“I feel that the execution of this project was a tremendous success. The long-term partnership of L/B Water Service and AMERICAN greatly contributed to the ease with which we were able to supply and service this contract. It was truly enjoyable to work with everyone involved, and I look forward to the next opportunity in which all parties can again work together.” – Dave Smith, Key Accounts Manager, L/B Water Service.

What They Used:

The Baltimore project installed numerous American-Darling-B-62-B-5 fire hydrants and AMERICAN Series 2500 resilient wedge gate valves throughout the city.

American-Darling B-62-B-5 hydrants, like the one seen here in front of the Baltimore Public Works Museum, are part of the city’s upgrade of its fire protection network. The upper barrels on all American-Darling hydrants, including the B-62-B-5, are now furnished with an e-coat (electrodeposition applied) primer for corrosion resistance and a polyurethane top coat for color and gloss retention.