Regional Water Partnership Now Complete: Brings New, Reliable Water Source

A tri-city water partnership two years in the making is now complete. The project was featured on the AMERICAN News Center in February 2015. The partnership involved three North Carolina cities – Albemarle, Concord and Kannapolis – that worked together to ensure their customers’ needs were met for years to come. The $28-million project included the installation of 19.6 miles of 24- and 30-inch AMERICAN Ductile Iron Pipe and 30 AMERICAN Flow Control 30-inch diameter Series 2500 resilient wedge gate valves with bevel gearing.

“AMERICAN has more than 100 years of experience and expertise manufacturing iron pipe. That combined with the experience of AFC valves gives us confidence that we are ensuring a long-term, reliable water supply that will benefit our customers and the citizens of these communities for years to come,” said Christie Putnam, director Water Resources in Concord, North Carolina.

To learn more, read Tri-City Water Partnership: When “We” Is Better Than “Me.” For more on this regional partnership, see this one-page fact sheet.