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AMERICAN Selected One of Birmingham’s Most Admired Companies

At a July 26 awards luncheon sponsored by the Birmingham Business Journal, AMERICAN received first place in the Manufacturing Category as one of Birmingham’s Most Admired Companies. Winners were selected by a survey of business leaders. Second- and third-place winners in the category were Mercedes and Honda, respectively. Winners were featured in a special section of the July 27 Birmingham Business Journal.

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Study Brings Water Infrastructure Challenges to Surface

For more than 100 years, iron pipe has been the backbone of drinking water and waste water infrastructure in the U.S. and across the world. However, much of the 1 million miles of underground pipe in this country is nearing the end of its useful life. A recent study by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) looks at the impact of this aging and expanding infrastructure. The study, “Buried No Longer,” details findings and challenges cities must address to ensure a continued safe, clean and economically viable water supply.

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Mississippi Pipeline Boasts Longest Installation of 36″ Ductile Iron Pipe

Sixty feet below the surface of Sowashee Creek in east Mississippi lies a new section of pipeline — 1,640 feet of 36-inch AMERICAN ductile iron pipe — installed with little more than a ripple’s impact on the waterway. This section of pipeline marks the longest length of this size ductile iron pipe ever installed using horizontal directional drilling (HDD), a trenchless method of pipe installation that minimizes surface disturbance.

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