Fire Protection

AMERICAN is committed to ensuring the safety and protection of lives, property, and assets through our comprehensive range of fire protection products. As a leading manufacturer of fire hydrants, valves, ductile iron pipe and fire suppression equipment, we cater to various industries and municipal fire departments both domestically and internationally. Explore our fire protection solutions and learn how AMERICAN can help safeguard your facilities and critical infrastructure.


AMERICAN is a major manufacturer of fire hydrants, valves and ductile iron pipe used in hundreds of municipal fire protection systems in the United States. An AMERICAN subsidiary, Waterous Company, also supplies fire pumps and suppression equipment to fire departments around the world.

Manufacturing and Industrial

AMERICAN industrial fire hydrants and valves are used in refineries, steel plants, coke plants, power generation plants, storage terminals, petrochemical plants, paper mills and petroleum docking facilities. AMERICAN also provides valves and ductile iron pipe used in fire protection systems

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