Water & Wastewater

AMERICAN offers a wide range of high-quality products and solutions designed to address the unique needs of the water and wastewater industry. Our product lines include durable and efficient components that ensure optimal performance under the toughest conditions. Discover how AMERICAN can help you build, maintain and upgrade your water infrastructure.

Water Treatment Plants

AMERICAN’s wide variety of underground and aboveground ductile iron and spiral-welded steel pipe, valves and fittings is ideal for water treatment plants. From 4-inch through 12-foot diameter, from flanged to Fastite joints, and from check valves to gate valves, AMERICAN supplies everything necessary to build any water treatment plant.

Water Transmission

AMERICAN ductile iron and spiral-welded steel pipe convey water from various sources to water treatment plants and then transport it to storage reservoirs or smaller distribution lines that carry the water to commercial and residential users. And AMERICAN valves play an important role in controlling the water flow.

Water Distribution

AMERICAN ductile iron pipe distributes water from storage reservoirs or larger transmission mains to commercial and residential users. AMERICAN valves are installed along these lines so that the system’s flow can be controlled. AMERICAN hydrants are also part of distribution networks.

Gravity Sewers

AMERICAN ductile iron pipe is regarded as an ideal material for gravity sewer mains, which transport stormwater and wastewater from homes and businesses to a central treatment plant. Ductile iron pipe’s superior strength meets the rigors of deep trench installations and other rugged conditions associated with these lines.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Manufactured to exacting specifications required for plant piping, AMERICAN ductile iron and spiral-welded steel piping are often the pipe of choice in wastewater treatment plants because of their strength, reliability and adaptability. AMERICAN’s wide variety of valves and flow control equipment are used throughout treatment plants as well.

Sewer Force Mains

AMERICAN ductile iron pipe and valves are popular choices for sewer force mains, which require pumps to push wastewater through them. Ductile iron pipe is especially well suited to handle sudden changes in flow velocity associated with sewer force mains and the surge pressures that result.

Treated Effluent Lines

AMERICAN is the nation’s premier manufacturer of products for treated effluent lines by virtue of its offering ductile iron pipe, valves and spiral-welded steel pipe. Treated effluent is treated wastewater to be discharged into surface waters or groundwater sources. It also can be used for irrigation.

Pump Stations

AMERICAN’s line of ductile iron pipe, gate valves, check valves and spiral-welded steel pipe in a wide variety of joints, including flanged, make it the nation’s leading manufacturer of pump station products. Pump stations handle wastewater when it cannot be moved by gravity sewer lines.

Trenchless Applications

AMERICAN has been a leader in the field of trenchless applications for pipe installations. Pipe used in trenchless jobs include Fastite joint push-bar pipe and Flex-Ring joint pipe for pipe bursting and horizontal directional drilling.

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