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14"-66" Series 2500 RW NRS Gate Valves

14"-48" Resilient Wedge NRS Gate Valves with Mechanical Joint Ends - Bevel Gear Actuator

AMERICAN’s 14"-48" Series 2500 ductile iron resilient wedge gate valves are suitable for use in potable water, sewage and fire protection systems. These valves have a rated working pressure of 250 psig with zero leakage. The waterway is clear and unobstructed.

Advantages Over Butterfly Valves

  • No disc in waterway to restrict flow or to increase pumping costs

  • Allows passage of pigging devices

  • Internal parts can be serviced without cutting valve out of pipeline

  • 250 psig rating provides for future pressure increases over the 150 psig pressure rating typically found on most butterfly valves

Advantages Over Double-Disc Gate Valves

  • Zero allowable leakage

  • Lower torque requirements to operate valve

  • 250 psig pressure rating compared to the 150 psig rating typically found on double-disc gate valves

  • Epoxy-coated inside and out

  • Lighter total valve weight

  • Single-gate construction. Double-disc gate valves have multiple parts that can seize together.

  • Bypasses, rollers, tracks and scrapers are not needed.

Standard Features

  • Ductile Iron Construction

  • 250 psig rating

  • UL Listed and FM Approved in Applicable Configurations

  • Certified to NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 and NSF/ANSI/CAN 372

  • Triple O-Ring stem seals

  • Epoxy coating inside and out

  • Thrust washers

  • Lifting Devices

  • Zero leakage

  • Dual sealing body to bonnet gaskets

  • EPDM Encapsulated Ductile Iron Wedge With Polymer Guide Covers

  • Optional gearing (Standard on 30" and larger)

  • Bypass available at an additional cost on valves 20” and larger


Ductile Iron Construction
The ductile iron body and bonnet provide superior strength and allow a pressure rating of 250 psig. The strength of ductile iron is more double that provided by gray iron. This added strength and higher pressure rating are provided in a compact, lighter design.

250 PSIG Pressure Rating
The Series 2500 is pressure rated at 250 psig to account for typical pressure variations and surges.

UL Listed and FM Approved in Applicable Configurations
Both UL and FM require that we consistently manufacture and test our valves in compliance with their stringent requirements. Our facilities are subject to periodic inspections to assure we are in compliance with their standards.

Certified to NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 and NSF/ANSI/CAN 372
The Series 2500 gate valve is Certified in all sizes as complying with NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 and NSF/ANSI/CAN 372, which exhibit compliance with the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act.

Triple O-Ring Stem Seals
Sealing the lubrication chamber is a series of O-Ring stem seals. The two O-Rings above and one below the stem thrust collar help to isolate the lubrication chamber.

Epoxy Coating Inside and Out
A fusion-bonded epoxy coating is electrostically applied to the interior and exterior of the valve body to help ensure corrosion resistance for a long service life. The coating is applied to all ferrous surfaces after the valve body is shot-blasted clean.

Thrust Washers
Thrust washers are located above and below the stem collar to reduce operating input torque and assist in trouble-free operation of the valve.

Lifting Devices, 14"-66"
All 14"-66" valves are provided with integral lifting devices, which allow the valve to be properly handled without lifting it by the operating nut.

Zero Leakage
Every valve is seat and shell tested after assembly to ensure its rated performance and that the seating mechanism is leak-tight.

Dual Sealing Body to Bonnet Gaskets
The body to bonnet gasket utilizes a unique dual sealing design which incorporates the reliability of a flat gasket and an integral pressure energized O-Ring seal.

EPDM Fully Encapsulated Ductile Iron Wedge With Polymer Guide Covers
Helps to ensure zero leakage with low stem torques.

Optional Gearing
Gearing allows for reduced torques and the ability to accommodate lower depths of bury.

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