Series 600 Swing Check Valves - Lever and Spring


Swing check valves shall be Waterous Series 600 as manufactured by AMERICAN. Check valves shall be manufactured from gray iron meeting or exceeding ASTM A126, Grade B.

Check valves shall comply with ANSI/AWWA C508, latest revision, and include the following features:

Check valves shall be designed with full waterway opening per Type I of MSS SP-71.

Check valve disc and clapper arm assembly shall be removable from the check valve body without having to remove the check valve from the pipeline.

Disassembly of valve internals shall require no special tools other than standard socket wrenches.

Check valve disc and clapper arm assembly shall be assembled using corrosion-resistant bearings, bushings and washers to reduce wear and increase service life.

Clapper arm shall be constructed of high-strength bronze.

Clapper arm shaft shall be stainless steel.

Disc shall be constructed of bronze with a rubber seal recessed into the disc face to provide a positive seal against the mating bronze body seat ring.

In applications where slam surge may occur, check valves should be furnished with outside lever and weight or spring.

Note: Bodies for valves without outside shafts cannot be converted to accept outside shafts.