Resilient seated check valves shall be manufactured from ductile iron meeting or exceeding ASTM A536. Valves shall be rated for 250 psig cold water working pressure.

Valves shall have a ductile iron disc fully encapsulated with rubber. Disc travel to closure shall not be more than 35 degrees and shall seal drop tight at pressures above 5 psig. The check valve shall be equipped with MJ x Solid Gland ends. The valve shall be designed such that it is independent of the hydrant base, allowing reuse of the check valve should the replacement of the adjoining fire hydrant be required.

Valves to be coated with fusion-bonded epoxy on all internal and external ferrous surfaces. All body to bonnet fasteners shall be Type 304 stainless steel.

Bronze seat rings are not allowed. Disc shall be the only allowable moving part. No O-Rings, pivot pins or other bearings are allowed. Disc must be reversible such that either side will seal equally.

Valves shall be equal to AMERICAN’s Series 2100 ductile iron resilient seated check valve.