AMERICAN Mapper Pro is a free app available through the Apple® App Store and on Google® Play.  It's configured to work with the ESRI® ArcGIS platform by helping bridge the gap between construction, mapping and asset management.

The app is designed to leverage the 2D product barcodes shipped on every AMERICAN Flow Control fire hydrant and gate valve to automate the mapping and asset management of system fire hydrants and gate valves.

AMERICAN Mapper Pro Features

  • BYOD Data Collection – Allows a Bring Your Own Device approach to the creation and management of data collection jobs by using the internal camera on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Quick & Simple Data Entry – By scanning the AFC 2D barcodes, the system automatically populates preconfigured AFC fire hydrant and gate valve data collection forms with product manufacturing attributes. For hydrants and valves not manufactured by AMERICAN, dropdown and freeform fields within the forms can be used to enter the desired data. 
  • GPS Positioning – By using the phone’s or tablet’s internal GPS receiver, you can easily capture GPS positions with an expected accuracy of 3+ meters.
  • Easy Access to Product Resources – Access product O&M information through web-based data links and QR codes.
  • Capture Photo Documentation – Store installation images for future reference and aid in locating a hydrant or the area where a valve is buried.
  • Export Data – Export collected data in various formats including Shapefiles, Microsoft Excel and Esri File Geodatabase.


  • Can be used on many devices and works with any Android or iOS handheld device or tablet.
  • Record information that can’t be determined from ground level, such as precise asset specifications and manufacturing information. 
  • Increased efficiency and productivity in mapping AFC fire hydrants and gate valves during installation by using intelligent and simple data collection workflows and forms.
  • Use photos to memorialize asset location and installation information. This information can be critical in areas of high growth or development, as well as areas that may be susceptible to visual landscape changes due to catastrophic weather events.
  • Can be used on existing fire hydrant and valve installations.

What does this mean?

AMERICAN Mapper Pro puts hydrant maintenance and record keeping directly into the hands of the mobile workforce, all while providing a complete solution to asset location and management, improving field operations, enhancing system reliability, reducing costs and improving worker productivity.

Suggested Specification Addition

Valve or hydrant shall be included with a label or tag, exhibiting a barcode that when scanned by a mobile device and necessary software application, the device associates high accuracy GPS coordinates, photos, product description and specifications with the valve or hydrant asset. The application shall provide interoperability with existing ESRI® ArcGIS, computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), or enterprise resource planning databases.