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The AMERICAN Captivater® - Locking Nozzle Cap

The Captivater®, by AMERICAN Flow Control, helps prevent unauthorized hydrant use, helps conserve water, reduces water theft, helps prevent hydrant vandalism, and lowers operating costs. As long as the threads are compatible, its universal design fits EVERY hydrant from EVERY manufacturer, regardless of year or model.


  • Easily fits virtually any make, model or year of hydrant without modification

  • No special tools are required to install

  • Provides a quick and easy method to secure fire hydrants

  • Each cap is sealed to help protect the working parts from the elements

  • Withstands weather and long-term use as well as original caps

  • Removed only with a Captivater™ wrench

  • Each wrench has a serial number allowing hydrant access to be controlled

  • Doesn’t call attention – Caps looks similar to those on a standard hydrant

What does this mean?

Your hydrants are secured from unauthorized use, so children and vandals (or people with more sinister plans) cannot gain access to your water system.


  • Helps solve security and safety issues

  • Helps eliminate water theft from hydrants

  • Helps ensure the availability of water-dependent services

  • Helps reduce revenue loss from open hydrants

  • Helps conserve your water supply

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Fire hydrants shall be furnished with locking hydrant security caps. Locking caps shall be Captivater® as provided by AMERICAN Flow Control. Caps shall be provided on each hose and pumper nozzle and incorporate a “free spinning” design that provides security against unauthorized intrusion into the fire hydrant, or water theft from the hydrant. When secured, the cap spins freely until unlocked and removed through the use of a Captivater® wrench. When unlocked, the cap shall open in a manner similar to a standard cap. Caps shall be similar in appearance to standard caps and shall use a center placed locking mechanism. The locking mechanism shall be hardened stainless steel and shall be protected from the elements. Caps using magnetic locks are unacceptable. All Captivater® wrenches shall have unique serial numbers. Wrenches shall ship direct to owner.

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