14"-24" Resilient Wedge OS&Y Gate Valves with Flanged Joint Ends


Valves 14"–24" shall be resilient wedge gate valves, of a outside stem and yoke design and rated for 250 psig cold water working pressure. The valve shall have a cold water rated working pressure of 250 psig. All cast ferrous components shall be ductile iron and shall be manufactured in compliance with the latest edition of ANSI/AWWA C515. The valve shall also be UL Listed inapplicable configurations. The valve design shall be lightweight, easy to handle, and constructed with wall thickness as defined in Table 2 of ANSI/AWWA C515. Heavy wall and/or cast gray-iron bodies are not acceptable. The valve shall have a smooth and oversize waterway and have the marking “D.I.” or “Ductile Iron” and the designation C515 cast on the body. The valve wedge shall be constructed of ductile iron and provided with protective wedge guide covers in sizes. All wedges shall be encapsulated with EPDM rubber. The valve shall be Certified to NSF 61-G.

Valve stems shall be constructed of stainless steel and supported by a ductile iron yoke and follower. Stems shall be sealed by packing which is held in place by a bronze gland. Packing shall be easily replaced and/or adjusted in the field.

All exterior valve body bolting shall be Type 304 stainless steel and shall be provided with hexagonal heads, with dimensions conforming to ANSI B18.2.1. Metric size and/or socket head cap screws or bolts, are not allowed. All body gaskets shall be of the pressure energized O-ring style design.

All internal and external ferrous surfaces of the valve body and bonnet shall have a fusion-bonded epoxy coating, complying with ANSI/AWWA C550. The coating shall be electro-statically applied prior to assembly.

All valves shall be the AMERICAN Series 2500 Resilient Wedge Gate Valves.