AFC SEMPER® Remote Pressure Monitor (RPM) with Impulse Technology

AFC SEMPER® Remote Pressure Monitor (RPM) with Impulse Technology

AFC SEMPER® Remote Pressure Monitor (RPM) with Impulse Technology


The AFC SEMPER® RPM featuring "Lift & Shift" capability is an ideal solution for pressure monitoring, transient analysis, fire flow testing, customer pressure concerns, and hydraulic model calibration. This flexible installation method allows the use of a smaller number of units to cover a large area with the advantage allowing utilities to move their RTUs quickly and easily without having to reconfigure the application or retrofit existing assets. 

The AFC SEMPER RPM measures water pressure at user programmable rates up to 256 samples per second with an internal pressure transducer. The monitor then computes a combination of the minimum, average and maximum values according to your selection of statistics and recording intervals.


• Lift & Shift – Installation of the monitor is not permanent and the monitor can me moved to other locations as needed.

• Wireless Communication – Monitor reports pressure data via internal cellular modem.

• Bluetooth® Capable – Monitor allows for wireless connectivity.

• Alarm Notification – Email and text notification capable based on user set pressure settings.

• Time Stamp – All measurements are date and time documented.

• GIS Capable – Allows data to remain with a specific hydrant location.

• Long Battery Life – Up to 5-year battery life depending on settings and use.

• Trimble Unity – Data transmitted from the monitor seamlessly integrates with Trimble Unity software.

• Data Sampling – Monitor can be programmed to sample pressures up to 256 samples/sec for a maximum of 8 hours. 


• Reduce non-revenue water, proactively prevent main breaks and identify leaks.

• Improve customer service and service response times.

• Monitor and optimize water system supply and operations.

• Real-time situational awareness and analytics relative to system pressure and supply.

• Monitor continuously acquires data at up to 256 samples/sec to ensure a transient wave is captured from beginning to end, therefore eliminating the potential of missing the transient event.


Trimble Unity® Remote Monitoring software, combined with AFC SEMPER pressure monitors, offers municipalities and service providers a single platform based solution to proactively monitor asset performance, optimize utility operations, reduce asset failure and repair costs, improve customer service, and gather critical data for reporting and capital planning.  Trimble Unity offers a suite of applications and tools proven to support smart water management, including workflows to map, manage, measure and improve asset performance, reduce operating costs, and improve public health and safety.   AFC and Trimble, working together to provide meaningful insights, better results, and smart water management.