Toruseal Flange Gaskets

Toruseal Flange Gaskets

Toruseal Flange Gaskets

For improved joint performance, AMERICAN Toruseal flange gaskets are vastly superior to conventional full-face or ring gaskets. Although recommended for all normal water and sewer service, the Toruseal gasket especially must be used in demanding services such as very large diameter flanged piping, specially designed long-span installations (i.e., spans involving two or three lengths of pipe), or with any underground flanges1 that could be subjected to undesirable beam loading.

AMERICAN Toruseal gaskets are provided with dual raised torus bulbs and meet the description of “specially designed gaskets” shown in the appendices of AWWA C110, C111, and C115, and “special gaskets” shown in the body of AWWA C111.

Toruseal gaskets are recommended for AWWA standard flanged joints in normal water and sewage service. The ANSI B16.21 standard specifies the inside of 3"–12" non-metallic full-face and ring gaskets to be greater (the same as standard steel pipe outside diameters) than nominal. Any flat gaskets used for ductile iron flanged pipe must have “nominal” inside diameters as shown in the appendix of ANSI/AWWA C115/A21.15, not the larger inside diameters per ANSI B16.21. The larger ID gaskets per ANSI B16.21 are not recommended by AMERICAN.

AMERICAN Toruseal gaskets are designed for use with standard flange bolts. Holes match AWWA C110, C111, and C115 flange drilling. They also match certain flange drilling classes of AWWA C207 and ANSI B16.1 and B16.42 flanges. Toruseal gaskets may be used with steel pipe flanges in the 14"-54" sizes in some cases. Consult AMERICAN for details, or when connecting to any flange configured differently than flanges per AWWA C110 or C115.

1.) Pressure rating designated is maximum water working pressure and is based on the 350 psi allowable rating of 24" and smaller flanges in C111, and the 250 psi maximum rating of other sizes of C110 or C115 flanges. Consult AMERICAN on higher pressure or temperature requirements.
2.) When installing joints manufactured by AMERICAN Cast Iron Pipe Company, the use of gaskets not manufactured by AMERICAN or an authorized manufacturer of AMERICAN gaskets will invalidate joint warranties.


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