Line Pipe

Line Pipe

Line Pipe

AMERICAN SpiralWeld Pipe supplies steel pipe for line work applications in diameters from 24 to 144 inches and joint lengths up to 50 feet. Line work typically includes: 

• Water Transmission Mains 

• Raw Water Lines 

• Sewer Force Mains 

• Gravity Sewer Mains 

• Penstocks 

• Circulating Water Lines 

• Aqueducts 

• Aerial Pipe Crossings 

• Intakes and Outfalls 

• Trenchless Installations 

AMERICAN steel water pipe is manufactured in accordance with ANSI/AWWA C200 and mortar lined in accordance with ANSI/AWWA C205 for internal corrosion protection. Buried steel water pipe is available with a polyurethane coating (per ANSI/AWWA C222). The typical joint type for both water and wastewater pipe are either a rolled groove O-ring joint or a lapwelded joint where restraint is required. There are also other joint connection alternatives available to suit the application. Steel wastewater pipe coatings are typically the same as the water pipe coatings stated above. The typical ID linings of wastewater pipe are either a polyurethane lining (per ANSI/AWWA C222) or an epoxy lining (per ANSI/AWWA C210). Other linings for steel wastewater pipe are also available. Contact an AMERICAN representative for more information on wastewater linings.