Co-op & Intern Programs

Co-op & Intern Programs

At AMERICAN, college students gain practical experience and valuable mentorship as co-ops and interns.

Based on active openings, students in their sophomore or later year of an undergraduate degree program may apply for co-op positions. The schedule of alternating terms is arranged in cooperation with the school and typically lasts until graduation.

Internships provide students who are between their junior and senior years a real-world, one-term immersion in their chosen liberal arts or technical field of study.

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The opportunities are as diverse as the company. In addition to a variety of resume-building experiences, AMERICAN co-ops and interns enjoy excellent benefits, including:

  • Outstanding pay with increases for additional work terms
  • A housing allowance at the start of each work term
  • One personal day off with pay each work term
  • Eligibility for scholastic achievement awards beginning their second work term