Safety Culture at AMERICAN

At AMERICAN, we do it safely or not at all.

Safety has always been a top priority at AMERICAN. Ensuring a safe environment means we all return home to our families.  

AMERICAN Steel Pipe formed the Tactical Safety Team in 2013 to involve all employees in identifying, providing and implementing solutions to improve safety.  This employee ownership and implementation of improvements has resulted in a downward trend in injuries since the team was formed.

The Tactical Safety Team is made up of groups and subcommittees that work in six-month rotations, and almost 80% of Steel Pipe employees have served. Subcommittees present safety statistics and production numbers for the group to review on a monthly basis. As employees rotate, fresh eyes identify and provide continual improvements to safety operations.  Recent improvements include emergency communication system enhancements, modification of walkways and the elimination of tripping hazards.

Your safety is just as important to us. If you are visiting AMERICAN Steel Pipe, please read and watch the following safety document and video.

During your visit, please inform your host of any suggestions that might improve the safety of employees or visitors.

 At AMERICAN, we do it safely or not at all.