From the shop floor to the corner office, find opportunity at AMERICAN. The company’s seven divisions are Engineering, Finance (includes Information Services), Human Resources, Manufacturing, Sales, Supply Chain Management and Technical. Once you join the team, the door of opportunity remains open through internal job bidding, and there are special programs such as Eagan College and tuition reimbursement to help you prepare for the next step.

These are the areas of opportunity we typically have, depending on active job vacancies. And there are additional opportunities in the Manufacturing Division, including craft apprenticeships and supervisory positions. Check us out. AMERICAN just might be your golden opportunity.

Strength in Diversity

AMERICAN is a diverse company – our workforce, the career opportunities we provide, the global markets we serve, the product lines we manufacture. AMERICAN values the diversity of its people and is committed to fostering a positive and productive work environment that enriches lives. In keeping with the philosophy on which our company was founded, it is the right thing to do: to treat every individual with respect, to value different perspectives and to encourage individual growth and achievement. We recognize our diversity is what makes us strong and ensures our continued success.