Earthquake Joint System: A Top 10 Tech Discovery at ACE15

Water Online magazine named AMERICAN’s Earthquake Joint System one of the top 10 tech discoveries at this year’s American Water Works Association’s Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE) in Anaheim, California, in June. Read Water Online’s 10 Tech Discoveries From ACE15.

Made of ductile iron — the strongest, most dependable pipe material — AMERICAN’s Earthquake Joint System is designed to allow for joint deflection as well as longitudinal extension and contraction of the joint caused by the extreme underground forces of an earthquake. This revolutionary system is available in both ductile iron pipe and fire hydrant applications, and helps maintain clean, safe drinking water and dependable fire protection before, during and after an earthquake.

Other AMERICAN Innovations from ACE15:

– Dependable under pressure, AMERICAN’s new Series 3500 resilient wedge gate valve, in sizes 4”-12,” is UL Listed and FM Approved at 350 psi.

Amarillo Fast-Grip Gasket — New to the market this year, a bright idea that assures contractors they have selected the right gasket for the right pipe.

AMERICAN Captivater — Secure your hydrants from unauthorized use with this universal locking nozzle cap, and sleep well knowing your water system is protected.