You’ve Got Challenges. We’ve Got Solutions.

The Challenge: Limestone rock.
The Solution: Limestone rock in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, made the prospect of constructing a new wastewater main difficult. The pipe material selected had to be strong and durable. Plastic and rock don’t mix. AMERICAN’s Flex-Ring ductile iron pipe and resilient wedge gate valves with Flex-Ring ends were the products of choice – strong, reliable and environmentally friendly products designed to last for decades. Read more. 

The Challenge: Dwindling water supply.
The Solution: Concord and Kannapolis, North Carolina, needed a new water source but were stymied by the cost of enhancing their systems independently. Albemarle, North Carolina, had excess capacity and needed new customers to help defray costs. A tri-city water partnership was formed, and AMERICAN ductile iron pipe and resilient wedge gate valves were used to construct a 19.6-mile water transmission line that will ensure customers’ needs are met for years to come. Read more.

The Challenge: Corrosive soil.
The Solution: AMERICAN Zinc, an advancement in corrosion control for iron pipe. Zinc has proven to extend the life of iron pipe and protects millions of feet of cast and ductile iron pipe in corrosive environments around the world. Read more.

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