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Waterous: Providing Innovative Fire Protection Products for 130 Years

Nov 15 , 2016
Fire Protection, Water and Wastewater
Waterous, Red,white, blue pumper, single-stage CS pump, American manufacturing, South St. Paul Minnesota
Waterous is proud to be an American manufacturer. This red, white and blue single-stage CS pump sits in the front lobby of Waterous’ manufacturing facility in South St. Paul, Minnesota, for customers and visitors to see.

In 2016, Waterous Company celebrates 130 years of providing innovative and reliable products for the fire protection industry. From the first horse-drawn fire engine in 1886, to the Advantus® and AquisTM foam proportioning systems in 2006 and 2007, to the ONE STEP™ CAFSystem in 2013, Waterous remains a leader in fire suppression equipment. Then and now, Waterous is always moving forward – generating new ideas, products and innovations. Here’s a look at the company’s history and achievements.

1886 – Waterous begins manufacturing steam engines for the firefighting and farming industries as well as constructing fire hydrants. The company also introduces frost jacket hydrants.

The first Waterous steam fire engine produced and sold from the South St. Paul, Minnesota, plant. This Model #1 was delivered to the Gaylord, Minnesota, Fire Department in May 1888.

1898 – Waterous develops the first gasoline-engine-driven fire pump.

1906 – An internal combustion engine is used for the first time to propel a pumper. Two engines are used – one for propelling the vehicle and one for pumping.

1907 – Waterous introduces a pumper using a single combustion engine for driving and pumping.

1907 – The first Waterous self-propelled fire engine and pump is built and sold to the Radnor Fire Company in Wayne, Pennsylvania.

1908 – The first single-engine Waterous fire truck is built in St. Paul and sold to the Alameda, California, Fire Department.

A Waterous fire truck in service in Bridgeport,Connecticut, in 1912.

1929 – The company completes and delivers its final Waterous Fire Truck, and focuses on manufacturing fire pumps, hydrants and other firefighting equipment.

1955 – Waterous introduces the first commercially produced fire pump with complete electric controls — the CM Electro-matic pump. Other innovations in 1955 include flame-plated impeller hubs and underneath-the-truck servicing. These innovations set new standards for fire pumping equipment and make the company’s pumps easier to use and service

1967 – Pacer hydrant is developed.

Three generations of Waterous. Far left is a 1930s vintage fire truck with a Waterous pump. Center is a Waterous brand truck made during the 1920s. Far right is a horse-drawn steam fire engine.

1977 – Ball transfer valves and a silent chain drive transmission are introduced. These innovations improve pump design significantly.

1981 – Waterous introduces the first resilient seated gate valve to have a fusion bonded epoxy coating on both the interior and the exterior of the valve. Fusion bond epoxy coatings have since become the industry standard for waterworks valves.

1989 – AMERICAN Cast Iron Pipe Company purchases Waterous Company.

Waterous introduced the ONE STEP™ CAFSystem in 2013

1989 – Waterous introduces the first reduced wall, ductile iron resilient seated gate valve.

1996 – Ductile iron Pacer hydrant is introduced.

1999 – The EclipseTM CAFSystem (compressed air foam system) is introduced.

2003 – Waterous offers a five-year fire pump warranty, setting the standard for the industry.

2006 – The revolutionary Advantus® foam system is unveiled. This system delivers the most balanced water-to-foam ratio in the industry.

2007 – Waterous develops the AquisTM foam system.

In 2016, the Waterous-engineered Tellurus Digital Control System was introduced. Tellurus brings simplified control to the already easy-to-use ONE STEP CAFSystem.

2011 – Approximately 1,000 people attend Waterous’ 125-year anniversary in South St. Paul, Minnesota.

2013 – The ONE STEP™ CAFSystem is introduced. These revolutionary, compact foam generators provide a reproducible homogenous, micro-cellular, continuous bubble stream. A characteristic of each ONE STEP CAFSystem is the pre-set flow rate and pre-set pressure for water and air. The operator does not have to adjust flows and pressures during operation.

2014 – 3D Interactives are developed. 3D models become animated with the ability to rotate, expand and explode a Waterous pump with the touch of a finger. This valuable resource is used at tradeshows and during training sessions.

2016 – Tellurus is introduced. The Waterous-engineered Tellurus Digital Control System brings simplified control to the already easy-to-use ONE STEP CAFSystem.

2016 – Waterous celebrates its 130th anniversary.

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