Amarillo Fast-Grip Gaskets

Amarillo Fast-Grip Gaskets

Amarillo Fast-Grip Gaskets

AMERICAN’s Amarillo Fast-Grip gaskets have proven to be a superior field-adaptable method of restraining 4"-30" ductile iron pipe used in underground service for water, sewage or other approved liquids.

The restraint provided by the patented1 Amarillo AMERICAN Fast-Grip gasket is due to the development of wedging action between pairs of high-strength stainless steel elements spaced around the gasket. The outer metal element, which has sharp teeth on its inner surface for gripping the spigot, acts as a bearing member for the wedge-shaped inner element.

Because of this wedging design, the force between the spigot and the socket of the joint is essentially constant at any given pressure thrust regardless of the “tightness” or “looseness” of the joint fit or the joint deflection.

The Amarillo Fast-Grip gasket, which has the same basic shape as AMERICAN’s Fastite gasket, can be used in any 4"-30" standard Fastite pipe socket. It is UL Listed and FM Approved for use in Fastite or Flex-Ring sockets with Fastite plain ends2 in all sizes 4"-16". The UL listing and FM approval apply to all 4” through 16” diameters and all pressure classes and special thickness classes in that size range.

In addition to the positive restraint achieved, Fast-Grip gaskets offer ergonomically friendly advantages compared to other restrained joints for fittings and pipe requiring bolts, lugs, segments, wrenches, etc. Joints can easily be assembled with current tools and methods used for many years in the assembly of standard Fastite joints.

1.) U.S. Patent No. 5,067,751.
2.) Because the pressure rating of the joint cannot exceed that of the pipe, the 350 psi rating for 14"-18" sizes and the 250 psi rating for 24" size are limited by the pressure class of pipe with which they are used. For example, an 18" Fast-Grip gasket used with pressure class 250 pipe would carry a rating of 250 psi instead of 350 psi. Consult AMERICAN for higher working pressure applications.
3.) When installing joints manufactured by AMERICAN Cast Iron Pipe Company, the use of gaskets not manufactured by AMERICAN or an authorized manufacturer of AMERICAN gaskets will invalidate joint warranties.

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