Amarillo Fast-Grip Gaskets

Pressure Classes

Amarillo Fast-Grip gaskets are suitable for an allowable working pressure of 350 psi for 4"-18" pipe and 250 psi for 20" and 24" sizes. The 30" size is suitable for a 150 psi working pressure. The joint has a maximum allowable deflection of 5° in the 4"-12" size range, 4° in the 14" size range, 3° in the 16"-24" size range, and 2 1/2° in the 30" size range.

Because the pressure rating of the joint cannot exceed that of the pipe, the 350 psi rating for 14"-18" sizes and the 250 psi rating for 24" size are limited by the pressure class of pipe with which they are used. For example, an 18" Fast-Grip gasket used with pressure class 250 pipe would carry a rating of 250 psi instead of 350 psi. Consult AMERICAN regarding higher working pressure applications.