16"-24" Resilient Wedge NRS Gate Valves with Flex-Ring Ends


Valves 16"–24" shall be resilient wedge gate valves, of a non-rising stem design and rated for 250 psig cold water working pressure. All cast ferrous components shall be ductile iron, ASTM A536. Valves 16"–24" shall meet or exceed all applicable requirements of AWWA C515. The words “Ductile Iron” or “D.I.” shall be cast on the valve. The wedge shall be ductile iron fully encapsulated with EPDM rubber.

The wedge shall be symmetrical and seal equally well with flow in either direction. Wedge guides shall be equipped with male guide covers. The use of auxiliary bronze rollers and plow-style shoes are not acceptable. The wedge nut shall be independent of the wedge and held in place on three sides by the wedge to prevent possible misalignment. Valves shall be Certified to NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 and NSF/ANSI/CAN 372.

Bolting materials shall be 304 stainless steel unless otherwise specified. Bolts may have either regular square or hexagonal shaped heads with dimensions conforming to ANSI B18.2.1. Metric size socket head cap screws are not allowed. The operating nut shall be constructed of ductile iron. All gaskets shall be pressure-energized O-Ring type seals. Stem shall be sealed by three O-Rings. O-Rings set in a cartridge shall not be allowed. The valve shall have thrust washers located with (1) above and (1) below the thrust collar to assist operation of the valve. All internal and external surfaces of the valve body and bonnet shall have an epoxy coating, complying with ANSI/AWWA C550.

Gate valves in sizes 16"–24", which are to be installed on ductile iron pipe, shall employ the use of a boltless positive joint restraint equal to the Flex-Ring joint manufactured by AMERICAN. Friction style restrainers, which point-load the adjoining pipe, will not be allowed. All restraining hardware shall reside inside the valve joint. Grooved or coupling style joint restraint, with restraining hardware residing outside the valve joint is not allowed. Mechanical joint (MJ) valves, if allowed by the engineer in this size range, must be restrained on each end by a positive joint restraint, equal to MJ Coupled Joint. All bolted and/or MJ Coupled Joint restraining hardware shall be Type 304 stainless steel. The cost for the use of additional fittings in this size range, required to achieve desired pipeline deflection because of the use of MJ valves, will be at the installer’s expense.

Valves shall be AMERICAN’s Series 2500 resilient wedge gate valve.