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Big Pipe for the Big Apple

Dec 1 , 2010
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New York City Department of Environmental Protection

Project summaries:

The $1.4 billion Catskill and Delaware Ultraviolet Disinfection Facility, located 19 miles north of Manhattan in Mount Pleasant, N.Y., will be the nation’s largest ultraviolet disinfection facility upon its completion in 2012. It will treat 2 billion gallons of water daily – 90 percent of New York City’s drinking water. Because of the high quality of source water, the city was allowed to employ an ultraviolet facility instead of a more costly treatment method.

The Croton Filter Plant, located in the Jerome Park area of the Bronx, includes construction of a tunnel under the city to pipe water to and from the Croton plant. The $2.8 billion Croton facility will be able to treat 300 million gallons a day when completed in 2012.

Key players:

AMERICAN supplied approximately 15,000 feet of spiral-welded steel pipe for these two large projects and worked closely with the engineering firms of CDM and Hazen & Sawyer.

What They Said:

“Few have the opportunity to participate in a project like the UV Treatment Plant as it’s the largest one ever built in the world.” – Bill Tinsley, AMERICAN sales engineer for the New England area

What They Used:

AMERICAN supplied more than 5,700 feet of 144-inch diameter spiral-welded steel pipe and 4,600 feet of pipe and fittings up to 120 inches in diameter for the Catskills and Delaware job. The company also supplied 4,000 feet of 108-inch diameter spiral-welded steel pipe at the Croton project.

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