Zinc-Coated Ductile Iron Pipe

The following study was presented at the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Pipelines conference in Kansas City, Missouri, on July 20, 2016. The research paper, Zinc-Coated Ductile Iron Pipe, as published in Pipelines 2016: Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Not Out of Risk, is available in the ASCE Library online. Maury D. Gaston, an engineer and 34-year iron industry veteran with AMERICAN Ductile Iron Pipe and SpiralWeld Pipe, presented the study. His presentation provided an overview of corrosion principles, how zinc is applied to ductile iron pipe and additional enhancements that, in combination with zinc, further extend the life of an already long-lasting product. Read Gaston’s paper here. Learn more by viewing this short video about AMERICAN’s zinc-coated ductile iron pipe.  

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