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AMERICAN Introduces the SEQUOIA™ Wet Barrel Hydrant, the Next Industry Giant

Jun 11 , 2024
AMERICAN Flow Control, Fire Protection, Water and Wastewater

Read about Jacob Danek, the product research engineer behind the development of the SEQUOIA wet barrel hydrant, here.

With a pressure rating of 350 psi, easy access to internal components and an exclusive nozzle retention design, meet the SEQUOIA™ wet barrel fire hydrant, the latest innovative product from AMERICAN Flow Control (AFC). The SEQUOIA takes its place as the next industry giant alongside AFC’s iconic American-Darling and Waterous brands.

Developed at AMERICAN Innovation, AFC’s product development facility in Crawfordsville, Indiana, the SEQUOIA wet barrel fire hydrant was inspired by the company’s American-Darling and Waterous brands, both of which boast more than a century of innovation in the fire hydrant industry. It is rated at 350 psi and tested at 700 psi and meets or exceeds all requirements of ANSI/AWWA C503 for wet barrel hydrants.

“SEQUOIA offers the same superior quality and performance customers expect from the AFC brand of products,” said Derek Scott, AFC technical and marketing manager. “The AMERICAN ductile iron retainer design eliminates the use of threaded-in nozzles and set screws, providing easy access to the hydrant’s internal components. The hose and pumper stems are also interchangeable for simplicity and are made from high-strength, low-zinc bronze for durability.”

With wet barrel hydrants, the barrel remains filled with water, providing quick and easy operation when needed. “SEQUOIA will serve customers primarily in California, where mild temperatures are ideally suited for wet barrel hydrants and where there is customer demand for this type of hydrant,” Scott said.  “SEQUOIA pays homage to the mighty Sequoia redwood trees found in California.”

AMERICAN entered the fire hydrant market in 1969 with the purchase of Darling Valve and Manufacturing. The product portfolio soon became known to the world as American-Darling Valve. Twenty years later, AMERICAN acquired Waterous Company. AFC was formed through the merger of the sales and marketing efforts of these companies in 1991. Through AFC’s hard work, these iconic brands have become giants in the fire hydrant industry. Now, SEQUOIA joins the family.

Founded in 1905 in Birmingham, Alabama, AMERICAN also manufactures valves, ductile iron pipe and spiral-welded steel pipe for the waterworks industry and high-frequency-welded steel pipe for the energy and carbon capture industries. AMERICAN’s diversified product lines also includes fire pumps, structural casing and piling, casting for large machinery and specialty rubber products.

To learn more about SEQUOIA, visit American-Darling® & Waterous® Hydrants | AMERICAN (

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