Labor Day: A Celebration of American Workers

In 1887, Labor Day was established, and it became a federal holiday in 1894. While Labor Day often signifies the end of summer and until recently the start of a new school year for students, the purpose of the day is to pay tribute to American labor, to those who make and build things.

Labor Day recognizes the contributions of American manufacturing workers, skilled craftsmen, carpenters, farmers and so many more. The day honors those who create wealth through their labor – those who make and have made the United States an economic, industrial and military powerhouse through their labor and skill.

Wealth and value are created by manufacturing products and harvesting agriculture. AMERICAN Cast Iron Pipe Company is proud to be a part of the nation’s manufacturing industry and to produce products that contribute to public health through clean water, public safety through fire protection, economic strength through energy, and agriculture and mining through machinery.

At ACIPCO, it is clear from founder John J. Eagan’s actions that he knew the value and worth of the American worker and built the company with that value, virtue and worth in mind. Mr. Eagan is known for creating a company culture that values labor. He knew that without the skills and effort of those who labor, nothing would be made or built.

While enjoying Labor Day – the long weekend, cookouts and other celebrations – keep in mind the meaning behind the holiday and its celebration of ACIPCO and U.S. workers, and the value we bring to the nation.