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A Bountiful Harvest Awaits at Three Community Gardens

May 18 , 2023
Awards and Achievements, Community Involvement

In early May, late spring and early summer fruits and vegetables were planted at all three community gardens in the ACIPCO-Finley, Hooper City and North Birmingham neighborhoods. Items planted included tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini, bell peppers, cabbage, broccolini and sweet potatoes. Once harvested, fresh produce will be given to neighbors in need.

“With three community gardens in the North Birmingham and ACIPCO neighborhoods, I’m calling them the community garden trifecta,” said Bunny Brusky Fite, master gardener for Grace Klein Community’s Garden Club. “We’re all going to win by learning to grow food, and harvest and eat more vegetables while helping to reduce food insecurity in Birmingham.”

Master gardeners as well as neighborhood and ACIPCO volunteers worked in the ACIPCO-Finley Community Garden on May 2. A couple of days later, garden boxes were placed, and planting began at the North Birmingham Community Garden. Planting of pollinators, fruits and vegetables is already complete at the Hooper City Community Garden.

“ACIPCO has always been there for us through the years, and we appreciate everything they do,” said North Birmingham Neighborhood Association President Jimmy Coleman.

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