Flanged Fittings

General Notes

  1. Fittings in this section labeled “ANSI/AWWA C110/A21.10 or C153/A21.53” are as specified in these standards, except as noted. Fittings listed as “AMERICAN Standard” are either not included in this ANSI/AWWA standard or vary in weights and/or dimensions. AMERICAN does not manufacture any fittings to the requirements of ANSI B16.1 except for laying dimensions and facing and drilling as specifically noted.
  2. Fittings are manufactured of ductile iron meeting the requirements of AWWA C110 or C153, as applicable.
  3. Flanges can be tapped for studs when specified. See Flanged Joint Pipe Standard Dimensions.
  4. All pressure ratings shown are for water service.
  5. Unless otherwise specified, flanges will have bolt holes straddling the centerline. See our Guide to Installing Flanged Reducers. Bolt hole drilling can be rotated when so specified.
  6. Center-to-face dimensions of reducing tees and crosses, with or without side outlet, and of reducing wyes are as follows (see Standard Dimensions):
    1. 16” and smaller sizes have the same center-to-face dimensions as straight sizes corresponding to the size of the largest opening.
    2. The center-to-face dimensions of 18” and larger sizes are governed by the size of the branch or side outlet; for fittings with both branch and side outlet, the larger of the two governs.
  7. Tees, crosses and wyes, reducing on the run only, have the same dimensions center-to-face and face-to-face as straight size fittings corresponding to the size of the largest opening.
  8. Reducing bends have the same center-to-face dimensions as straight size bends corresponding to the size of the largest opening.
  9. Reducers and eccentric reducers for all reductions have the same face-to-face dimension based on the larger opening.
  10. Flanged fittings are manufactured to the following tolerances:
    Flange thickness:
    Sizes 2"-12" inclusive, ±0.12 in.
    Sizes 14"-24" inclusive, ±0.19 in.
    Sizes 30"-64" inclusive, ±0.25 in.
    Laying Length:
    Sizes 2"-10" inclusive, ±0.06 in.
    Sizes 12"-64" inclusive, ±0.12 in.
    Laying length tolerances are for face-to-face dimensions; the center-to-face tolerances are one half of the face-to-face tolerances.
  11. The largest opening of the fitting governs the laying length tolerances for all openings. For compliance with the flange thickness tolerance, flanges may be back faced or spot faced, AMERICAN’s option.
  12. Some fittings are available with body metal thickness other than as listed. Some fittings are available in different sizes and with different size combinations than shown. All sizes and body metal thicknesses listed may not be available due to changes in foundry practice. Consult AMERICAN regarding any special requirements.
  13. Weights of fittings can vary due to changes in foundry practice.
  14. See Special Fittings for AMERICAN specials.
  15. AMERICAN may furnish fittings manufactured by others. Any such fittings will be manufactured in accordance with appropriate ANSI/AWWA standards.
  16. While AWWA C153 shows 54"-64" with 150 psi ratings, AMERICAN rates most 54"-64" fittings 250 psi as AMERICAN Standard based on performance testing.
  17. Consult AMERICAN for elevated pressure and/or temperature capabilities of ductile iron flanges.