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AMERICAN: Builders of Water Infrastructure

Jun 7 , 2019
Fire Protection, Water and Wastewater
AMERICAN Cast Iron Pipe Company, ACE19, ALPHA, AMERICAN Zinc, Earthquake Joint System

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Since 1905, AMERICAN has provided the products needed to help build our nation’s and the world’s water infrastructure. From the first pipe cast in 1906, to the introduction of the earthquake joint system for pipe, valves and hydrants in 2015, to the future AMERICAN Flow Control Center for Innovative Excellence, the list of AMERICAN’s contributions to water infrastructure goes on and on.

The American Water Works Association’s 2019 Annual Conference and Exposition focuses on “Innovating the Future of Water,” and AMERICAN is proud to partner with utilities in building our water infrastructure. Yesterday, today and tomorrow we are committed to innovation and meeting the growing water needs of our customers and communities.

Visit AMERICAN at ACE19 Booth 2415 to learn more about our latest innovations as well as AMERICAN Flow Control’s new valve and hydrant research and development center, which is scheduled for construction this year.

AMERICAN innovations on display at ACE19 Booth 2415:

The Design Decision Model® Reveals Longevity of Ductile Iron Pipe
One of Nation’s Largest Water Utilities Moving to Zinc-Coated, V-Bio Wrapped Ductile Iron Pipe
AMERICAN Zinc, V-Bio Protect Iron Pipe Against Aggressive Soils in Bismarck, North Dakota

ALPHA Restrained Joint for Valves and Hydrants
First-Time Customer Praises AMERICAN Flow Control Valves With ALPHA Ends for Quick Install and Time Saved
Three More South Dakota Cities With the ‘Need for Speed’ Choose ALPHA Joint
From Four Hours to 45 Minutes: Las Vegas Valley Water District Saves Time and Money With ALPHA

Earthquake Joint System – Pipe, Valves and Hydrants
AMERICAN’s Earthquake Joint System Passes the Test (VIDEO)
AMERICAN’s Earthquake Joint System Protects Infrastructure During Seismic Events

American-Darling Hydrant with Captivater Caps

Waterous Pacer Hydrant with Trimble Hydrant Pressure Recorder (HPR)

WaterTalk Appearance:

Monday, June 10 at 10 a.m. MDT
Stop by and listen as Derek Scott, AMERICAN Flow Control marketing and technical manager, and Maury Gaston, AMERICAN Ductile Iron Pipe and AMERICAN SpiralWeld Pipe marketing services manager, discuss the latest news from AMERICAN with Water Online.

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