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Water 2050: AMERICAN Employees Help Envision the Future of Water

Jun 15 , 2023
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Three AMERICAN employees are involved in rethinking and reshaping the future of water through the American Water Works Association’s Water 2050 initiative. Announced in March 2022, Water 2050 is a collaborative effort to envision the future of water and chart a course for water community success and sustainability. Learn more about Water 2050 in this video from AWWA.

As part of the Water 2050 initiative, five critical drivers to the future of water were identified – sustainability, technology, economics, governance, and social and demographics. Think Tanks, consisting of water industry professionals from various sectors, were created for each of these drivers. AMERICAN is proud to have employees play a role on the Economics, Governance and Social and Demographics Think Tanks, and be a sponsor of these panels and the Water 2050 initiative. Read their thoughts on the importance of these Think Tanks and how they are contributing to the overall mission of Water 2050.

Clayton Simons

ADIP/ASWP Sales Representative Clayton Simons – Economics Think Tank
“I participated in the Economics Think Tank in New York City in January 2023 to discuss economics, finance and affordability issues currently facing our industry. It was an impressive group of thought leaders from diverse backgrounds – academics, utilities, financial services, manufacturing and climate advocates. 2050 is only 27 years away, and following this three-day Think Tank, I am hopeful we can reimagine the water economy and provide universal access to affordable, safe drinking water.”


Maury D. Gaston

ADIP/ASWP Marketing Services Manager Maury D. Gaston – Governance Think Tank
“Our Governance Think Tank met in Washington, D.C., in late February 2023, and discussed opportunities to improve management and allocation of water resources in the coming decades. We also discussed how we can better communicate the value of water to not only the consuming public and industries but also to those formulating policy and governance in the halls of Congress and state houses. All of this was in the context of maximizing our water resources for public health, safety, economic vitality and agriculture.”

Christopher Jarrett

ADIP/ASWP Sales Director Christopher Jarrett – Social and Demographics Think Tank
“The city of Birmingham and the Civil Rights Institute shined as hosts for the Diversity Think Tank in April 2023. I’m very proud to have been part of this event that focused on the future of supplying safe and reliable drinking water to communities and citizens across many cultures. Our group considered the challenges that various cultures face when accessing the globe’s most precious resource – water. Although this journey will be long, it is important we begin the process of considering how to better unite our citizens and the world’s water supply. AMERICAN’s founder, John Eagan, understood the importance of this endeavor, and he held this pursuit as paramount in the vision of AMERICAN Cast Iron Pipe Company.”

The theme of AWWA’s 2023 Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE23) was “The Future of Water is 2050.” An estimated 10,000 water professionals attended the event in Toronto, Canada, June 11-14, 2023. The purpose of ACE23 was for the water community to come together to learn, connect and be inspired to solve global water challenges. Learn more.

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