AMERICAN Flow Control Answers: “Which Gate Valve Is Best for Today’s Waterworks Systems?”

A 24-inch C515 AMERICAN Flow Control Series 2500 Resilient Wedge Gate Valve

Which gate valve is best for today’s waterworks systems? AMERICAN Flow Control Marketing and Technical Manager Derek B. Scott and Product Engineer John R. Helf answer this question in an article recently published by Valve Magazine. Scott and Helf explore the history of gate valves and standards in the water industry and discuss testing conducted on two valve types – gray iron C509 and ductile iron C515 – that are covered by the ANSI/AWWA C509 and C515 gate valve standards. The tests compared the performance of the valves in a simulated advanced corrosion environment and under beam load conditions. Testing confirmed the performance capabilities of gate valves complying with the C515 standard, as the ductile iron C515-style valve outperformed the gray iron C509-style valve in all areas.

“Specifications are a critical component to the design of any project,” Scott said. “Whatever valve is desired, it is important the specifier be aware of the latest technologies available and stay up to date on product development. The name behind the product is also an important consideration in valve selection. Following these practices will always be in the best interest of the engineer, owner and end user.”