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As the Gap Between Water Supplies and Demand Grows, Pipelines Are More Important Than Ever

Jan 6 , 2021
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In a January 4, 2021, feature story in the New York Times, author Ben Ryder Howe discusses the current state of water supply in the west.  He writes of the history and current water supply and demand, including the recent presence of investors in the water arena and how they may change the landscape.

While Howe speaks of the western portions of the U.S., these issues are moving eastward across the nation and are issues to which we all need to be attentive. Much of this deals with our water supplies and our water demands becoming increasingly separated as population and manufacturing centers grow and develop away from traditional nearby water supplies.

Pipelines to transport water from where it is to where it needs to be can solve this problem, as AMERICAN’s Maury D. Gaston describes in this 2018 ASCE award-winning article.

Gaston is manager of Marketing Services for AMERICAN Ductile Iron Pipe and AMERICAN SpiralWeld Pipe, chair of the Alabama Iron and Steel Council (AISC) and vice chair of the American Water Works Association A21 Committee dealing with ductile iron pipe and fitting products. Gaston holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Auburn University. He has more than 37 years experience in the pipeline industry.


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